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Valdecabras itself is a small village, nearly familiar and away from any traffic, set in an exceptional valley, an area that the Griffon and Egyptian vulture as well as the booted eagle regard as theirs. At night you can hear the nightingale or the tawny owl sing, and the frog’s croaking isn’t far away either.

he municipal district of Valdecabras includes the famous Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada) and its museum, and it also offers many other spots, places and valleys where the curious excursionist can discover spectacular natural geological Karst formations of unique beauty (stone monuments, narrow rock passes called “callejones”, fissures, arches, ravines and tobas), and furthermore fossils and many caves.

The whole district is pure nature, in a very high level of conservation. It is full of zoological and botanical diversity, and therefore it will be part of the newly announced Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca.

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Rural Houses

We have five apartments fully equiped, so you can fell like home, from 4 to 10 people

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Rincon de Valdecabras Restaurant

Enjoy our typical food at a privilege site, in our two especial dinning rooms, wich are decorated with awesmome paintings from Cuenca's artists

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Leisure and nature

Around our houses, there are plenty of options for enjoying leisure and nature, creating unique experiences

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- Anonymous

Hemos estado una semana ocho personas en el apartamento Tormo Alto. .Hemos estado muy cómodos. Todo muy limpio y un trato muy bueno por parte de los propietarios.
- Anonymous

- Anonymous

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